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  • 21 October 2017 1:00 pmSaturday Afternoon Session
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Hi WW Music Club members.

Just a further notice for October events, we are still requiring 1 x band for Club Cool - Sunday 15 October 2017 and there are still spots available for both bands and ensembles for Saturday Afternoon Session 21st October 2017 1.00pm to 5.00pm at The Gov Front Bar.

If interested please go to sawarriors.org.au/rego or email events@sawarriors.org.au

Thank you
Events Management Unit
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Weekend Warriors Music Club SA shared Random Jam's post. ... See MoreSee Less

Random Bands Is Back Registration is now open until October 17 and the band meet is October 31. If you have done it before and enjoyed it do it again, its a different experience every time. If you kn...

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Unwound and Crossfire played acoustic sets in Leigh St for the Festival of Good Humans, a celebration and expo of not-for-profit organisations. Thanks to Connecting Up who promoted the event, Cassie the Events Organiser and Haycom for the sound engineering, stage and lighting. ... See MoreSee Less

Unwound and Crossfire played acoustic sets in Leigh St for the Festival of Good Humans, a celebration and expo of not-for-profit organisations. Thanks to Connecting Up who promoted the event, Cassie t...

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Bass player looking to join or form acoustic duo to make a trio.
Any member interested please refer to web site or PM Steve
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Band Selection Guidelines for Warriors SA Gigs

1. Calls for Registrations to play at Warriors SA gigs are published on the Club’s website and emailed to members. Registration is an expression of interest or application only. No band is confirmed to play at any gig until notified by a member of the Events Management Unit.

2. Registrations are accepted up to the specified closing date. After the closing date, EMU collates, records and reviews registrations.

3. To be eligible for consideration for a gig, a band must comply with Warriors SA Club requirements that:

  • all band members are paid-up Full or Associate members,
  • each membership is valid up to the date of the proposed gig, and
  • the band complies with the Associate ratio where Associates may comprise no more than 50% of a band’s membership.

4. A band that does not comply with any of the above criteria is not eligible to play at a Warriors SA gig and its registration is withdrawn from further consideration.

5. If the number of eligible band registrations for a gig is less than or equal to the number of available band slots, then those bands will be selected for that gig.

6. If the number of eligible registrations is greater than the number of available band slots, EMU will apply the following selection process:

6.1   Registrations will be ranked in order of date and time of receipt.

6.2   Preference will be given to bands that did not play at the last Warriors SA event. Available slots will be offered in order of the date/time of registration, firstly to bands that did not play at the previous, most recent Warriors SA event and then to any remaining bands, until all remaining slots are filled.

6.3   In the event that there are insufficient eligible registrations to fill all available band slots at an event, EMU is authorised to invite eligible Club bands to fill such slots or to invite eligible Club members to form a one-off band for that purpose in order to meet the Club’s commitments and the promoter’s and venue’s requirements and expectations.

6.4   Any casual vacant slots created by the subsequent withdrawal of a selected band before the gig will be offered firstly to any remaining registrations as provided for in item 6.2 and then as provided for in item 6.3.

7. EMU will use its best endeavours to accommodate any special requirements stated in a band’s Registration, such as preferred time slot, within the constraints of the event’s and promoter’s requirements.

Special Conditions for Pretoria Hotel Registrations

The Pretoria Hotel will program bands selected based on genre and tempo.

EMU calls for and collects Expressions of Interest and will advise the Pretoria Hotel the details of genre, tempo and makeup of the band.

The Pretoria Hotel and the WWMC will work together to put time frames of the program together.

WWMC will advise bands and ensembles of the time slots allocated to them.

Special Conditions for MooRok and Riverstock Registrations

The Moorook and District Club Inc selects bands for MooRok and Riverstock.

Warriors SA’s role is to facilitate registrations and assist with the event programming, as follows:

  • EMU calls for and collects registrations for the MooRok and Riverstock events and forwards eligible registration to the Moorook Club.
  • The Moorook Club makes band selections at its discretion.
  • The Moorook Club consults with EMU on the programming of the bands.

Events Management Unit
(Updated April 2017)

Click here to download a copy of these Guidelines.